Everyone knows old insane asylums are the best place for ghost hunting – spooky, tragic, and with a pretty good chance of finding something that will go bump in the night. Even so, a ghost hunt is just an excuse for a good night out, a bit of a scare. A bit of a scare never hurts anyone, right?
Tully’s been watching a lot of paranormal investigations programmes lately, missing the mother who died shortly after her birth, so when her brother suggests they go look around an old asylum, she thinks it’s a brilliant idea. Her brother Toby doesn’t believe, and he doesn’t expect they will see any ghosts.
But there’s something there, all right, waiting for someone just like him to come along. It’s been there a long time, and it’s determined to hitch a ride home with them.
There’s a reason some people were incarcerated in the old asylums, and as it turns out, death doesn’t stop the insanity. It just makes it hungrier.