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Dreams and Symbols

In my twenties, I studied, researched, learned, wrote and taught about dreams. (In my thirties I was a professional storyteller and now, in my forties I’m a fiction writer; it’s been an interesting trip so far). Even though the study of dreams is no longer my bread and butter, the fascination with them has

Even Genre Writers Think Sometimes

When you’re a writer of non-fiction, readers expect you to be qualified to write about your chosen subject. It’s certainly important that you can write a decent sentence, but readers have opened your book because they want to learn something specific. With fiction it’s slightly different, of course. Our work is read to entertain

One Brain, Two Brain, Left Brain, Right Brain

In the 1930’s, brain surgeons tried the first experiments in severing the two halves of the brain, in order to reduce the likelihood of seizures in their epileptic patients, and it seemed to work. In the 1950’s doctors started looking into why and how this might have worked. What was the mass of nerve

Sparrow Girl

The Ghost Crew – Australia’s number one paranormal investigation programme has something brand new planned for their next season. Not content to visit haunted houses around the country anymore, they’ve designed a breath-taking experiment – they will invent and manifest their own ghost. It’s been done before, way back in the ’70’s, but this


Everyone knows old insane asylums are the best place for ghost hunting – spooky, tragic, and with a pretty good chance of finding something that will go bump in the night. Even so, a ghost hunt is just an excuse for a good night out, a bit of a scare. A bit of a


It’s winter, and the five houses in Deep Dell are shrouded in snow. Outside, it’s a black and white night, black sky, white snow, but inside, life continues, as life always does, better for some than others. Five houses, eight different lives, separate in their preoccupations until the sky over Deep Dell turns orange.

Modern Writers Could Try Channeling Hemingway

In these days of social media, writers are more available to their public than ever before. This works out in a lot of ways – increased, almost immediate feedback, the chance to get to know and connect with your readers, and the opportunity to let readers inside your life in a way never possible

So You Want to Date a Writer? – 10 Things You Need to Know

So, you were out with a few friends a while ago, and met this interesting new woman. She said she was a writer, and that’s pretty cool, right? You read some, you’re not totally illiterate; in fact, kicking back in front of the fire with a good book rates fairly high on your feel-good

The Stories Inside Us

There are two pieces of advice for writers that are heard just about everywhere – write what you know, and write the stories that are inside you. The first, write what you know, isn’t as straightforward as it initially sounds. If you’re an electrician, it doesn’t mean you should write only about being an

Spinning A Yarn

It has been a frustrating couple of weeks. Just when I was getting back into the swing of things, I got sick and everything ground to a halt. It’s frustrating enough to be restricted in how much I can do every day due to chronic illness ( I have Fibromyalgia and Crohn’s Disease) but